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Level: False Beginners/Elementary/Pre-Intermediate

Timing: 30 mins approx

Mats: "Bean" video cassette; video recorder; TV;

Aim: To show Ss how to focus on that which they can understand in movies even at this level.

Notes: The scene you want is from David & Bean in the shower together to end of David screaming at Bean after seeing the destroyed painting.
Remember to check all your equipment is functioning correctly BEFORE the class. Bring back up material in case it isn't.
The idea behind this lesson was taken from a workshop conducted by Sabina ______ at The Corner, Cornellá, Barcelona, October 2000. Many thanks Sabina.
You can use this exact format for any amount of video lessons at all levels.
This video clip is very popular with teenagers.

Pre Class

Write the following on the board:

1) What are the names of three of the people?
2) What's the problem?

The answers are: 

1) David, Bean & Elmer
2) Bean has ruined the 50 million pound painting & they need to hide this fact while they think of what to do.

(Alternatively if you have access to an OHP you could prepapare an OHP sheet 
with both sets of questions - there are more to come, see below - & only show 1 & 2 
in stage one, covering the rest until stage two).

Stage One - 1st Showing

The students watch the clip & answer the two questions on the board. They may have difficulty
with the third name -Elmer, the security guard who gives David the key. Try asking them what he does
if they can't get his name.

Stage Two - 2nd Showing

T - write the following on the board:

3) These actions are out of sequence. Number them from 1 to 7 in the order 
that they appear.

a. Bean takes the picture off the wall.
b. David gets angry and upset.
c. Elmer gives David a key.
d. Bean and David are in the shower.
e. Bean sneezes on the picture.
f. David is driving.
g. Bean shows the picture to David.

(You will probably have to give the Ss "sneezes".)

4) Name 3 of the places you see in the video.

5) What's the key for?

The answers are:

3) a-5, b-7, c-3, d-1, e-4, f-2, g-6.
4)a bathroom (or a shower), a street (driving scene), the art gallery.
5) It's a security key to lock the safe where the painting's kept.

The Ss watch the clip for the second time & answer the questions.

Follow Up

You could ask them if they have ever done something terrible like Bean,
you could show some more of the movie (they will probably clamour for this).

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