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Beastie Boys

Level: Intermediate & above.

Timing: Approx 2 hours.

Mats: Handouts. Copy of front cover of original magazine.

Aim: To allow Ss greater choice and flexibility in choosing role play scenarios in order to increase motivation.

Notes: I had initially hoped to be able to present you with copies of the original interview for you to be able to print out and use but as I've learnt more about the capabilities of the technology at my disposal I've realised that that's just not possible. As such the interview itself has been scanned in with a text reading program & is now printable. Consequently you will have to make sure the Ss realise that normal procedure in such magazines is to cut the interview up (which is why I've labelled it "Section One" etc) and intersperse it with other information written up by the journalist. In my experience most people are familiar with this format.

The use of dictionaries is forbidden in this lesson.

Procedure: Intro - Prediction:

T: Show Ss cover of mag. Ask questions to elicit the following:

What type is it? English or American? Who is it aimed at? What kind of articles do they expect to find in it? What type of people do they expect will be interviewed?

Ss: Describe the band: Whether they´ve heard of them. Where they´re from.

Explain why they think the band are being interviewed. Whether they think it will be a serious interview. What the article will be like. What kind of language they expect to read.

What will the design of the article look like?

T: Put responses on WB.

Stage One:

Breathing Exercise (derived from Schuster and Gritton, 1986) - Instruct Ss how to do the following exercise:

Breathe for 10 in/out cycles of nose breathing. Close your eyes while doing so & think only of your breathing. Let all other thoughts float out of your mind. Let your breathing happen naturally without forcing it to go slow or to go quick. Just let it be. After ten cycles come back to the classroom. (a cycle is 1 breathe in & 1 breathe out).

T: Present handouts. Instruct Ss to read the outlined text only.

Remind them to ignore words they don´t know - continue reading and go for global understanding of text first.

Ss: Read the text. Then answer the follwing questions:

Why do they think Mike D is writing his answers instead of speaking?

How does what they´ve read link to their predictions on the WB?

Feedback what they´ve learnt about the Beastie Boys and what they think the band´s attitude is to interviews.

Explain probable contents of other sections of the article.

Stage Two

Ss given opportunity to ask about any vocab or grammar they don´t understand.

Stage Three - Pair or Group Work

T: Using OHP or WB instruct Ss

Ss: Read instructions. Choose partner(s). 

T: Hand out separate instructions to interviewees and journalist.

Ss: Decide on their characters and what attitudes they´ll have. Role play the interview.

T: Monitor to make sure the Ss are doing the activity and not idly chatting but allow them the freedom and independence to act out the role play as they wish.

Back Up Plan/Additional Work

Ss: Following example in magazine, structure the information into article format (including design i. e. title, font, pictures, layout, emboldened quotes)

Eg: Intro, reason for the interview, description: personal history, direct interview quotes, further description: perhaps present and future activities, conclusion/summary

This could be a co-operative writing activity.


So what did you think? How did it go? Let me & others know at the Efl Alt Message Board!


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