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Below is what I've discovered so far, hope to add more great sites as & when I find them. If you would like your site included or if you have any to recommend - mail me.

Accelerated Learning : Mat Turco's fascinating Accelerated Learning site, hugely influenced me. Will leave you with lots to think about. : webzine on Accelerated Learning & related stuff. Regularly updated, one for the bookmark. : list of project renaissance web sites. : If you want to do some training in the AL field this could be the site for you. Think you have to go to the States though. : the official Project Renaissance web site.

EFL : The site that persuaded me I could DIY my own. Dave's site is something of an EFL legend, get clicking to find out why. : The Internet Tesl Journal. Superb collection of articles, lesson plans etc. Immediately useful, fast download, tons of material. : James Asher's official TPR site. Go there & BUY SOME STUFF NOW! This site could change your life. : John & Sarah's Tefl Pitstop. Fun site with loads of games & quizzes designed so you can print them straight out. Very useful. : Another fine site with lots of interactivity for both students & teachers. : Loads of lesson plans based on Reuters news articles. You can sign up for the weekly newsletter & get a free lesson every week. You'd need to change it a bit to fit the Accelerated Learning pattern rather than the more trad style they work from but useful nonetheless. If you want access to the archives you have to pay a subscription. Fairly cheap I think. Check it out. : Need some ideas on how to use songs in the EFL classroom? Look no further. (Note - no actual songs on this page) : Neat site centred around pictures which you can freely copy and use in your classes. Interested in doing the Trinity College TESOL certificate in Barcelona? Here's one possibility. For more info go to google and search on TESOL cert & Barcelona. More than you might think from the name. I was pleasantly surprised to find articles on Accelerated Learning amongst more traditional EFL related material. : Appears to be in its infancy but well worth a perusal nonetheless. another efl site complete with the usual range of articles, forums etc Perhaps of particular interest to many of my readers is the section on advice for would be teachers in Barcelona at altho frankly I feel it's a bit negative : great resource with games, quizzes etc : same people as above different focus : interactive site designed for students and teachers. Well worth a perusal. :Englishjet offers FREE RESOURCE CENTRES for students and teachers of English as a foreign language. Some of the resources available include: interactive links pages, chat room, forums, message board, and discounts on courses in the UK. : JET Resource Centre: Description: An informative site for EFL teachers and JET participants to exchange ideas and information about TEFL and life in Japan.
(multi-language master site...subscription/CD + TOEFL + ESL games)
(membership site with ESL games and free Educational software)
(membership site with free TOEFL practice exam and free software)
(original subscription site)
(original e-commerce site for purchase of CDs)
(free ESL games in various languages used in-house by schools,
institutions and on-line businesses)

Online EFL bookshop


Education A general site designed to promote education as a whole. 

Job Placement

EnglishXL Job Placement Services : A really great looking site for people thinking of working in Korea from the English excel job placement agency. : Another possible source of employment & assistance for those looking at Korea. : Job boards etc for Korea, Taiwan & China : Job boards etc. : another job board & promising more to come. : described as a place to post your resume.


The site where I initially obtained the information on GNPS appears to be defunct now, or at least the link is. Does anyone know a link to another GNP site that I could put here? I will have a look myself when I have more time...

Net Resources

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