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Just for those of you who are interested my Netname is dougeast. I'm 31 years old & as of the day of writing (5th April 2000) I live & work in Barcelona, Spain where I share a funky flat looking out onto La Sagrada Familia with a Spanish friend & his crazy cat. 

Originally I'm from Sheffield in England of which I still hold very fond memories, sadly though it's somewhat lacking in EFL career opportunities so I don't see myself returning to live there in the forseeable future. 

After having a lot of fun playing in various bands & spending some time on the road - including a trip round Australia & a sojourn in Eire - I went to Luton University, England, to study Linguistics and TEFL. While there I also passed the TESOL certificate (A grade) to add to the CTEFLA that I'd picked up back in '95 in Leeds. 

Leaving uni with a First I spent the summer in Oxford at a summer school teaching multinational teenagers. A totally life affirming experience that I would recommend to anyone. In September I moved to my present address where I spent 9 months teaching two company classes - very nice people but really just not me - A CAE group & two lots of beginners. It was a hard year - a radically different experience to that on my course, (something which EFL trainers would do well to address), & at the summer school - but I'm now back to enjoying life for the positive force that it should be. I love teaching & def see it as a long term job.

This summer I was working in Salisbury for 6 weeks, which altho not quite as much fun was still pretty amazing in parts (Japanese kids - just SO sweet). And then spent some time back in Sheffield again before holidaying in Morocco.

I'm now back in Barcelona improving Efl Alt (note the new colour scheme for example), getting mad with Frontpage 2000 (who designed this shit?) and enjoying the fact that I still have a week before I start work. This year I've opted to stay with the same company but I'll be moving schools from Santa Coloma to Cornellá. No more metro changes, :-) 

Future plans? More photos coming very soon, watch this space. Experimenting with the possibility of writing all new pages with a different editor & simply tagging them on. Now that would be so good!

Then there's my guitar playing, yes I have far from given up my musical career. I start lessons again next week for the first time in about 10 years. And then I've just got hold of cubase & various other music software & my flatmates got a sequencer & groovebox so....who knows maybe I'll make pop stardom yet.

Further ahead I'm still thinking of doing my MA sometime, somewhere. America still a possibility, altho now looking more strongly at Essex in England as I've discovered an unusual but awesome sounding MA in Syntax, which was my favourite subject at uni. Def decided against an MA in Applied Linguistics. Can't be doing with another year of someone elses opinions about the best way to teach. Rather learn as I go now thank you. Will have to do the Dip soon tho, they have to pay you more when you pass that :-)

Seriously thinking to stay here long term tho now. OK there's not much money to be had but then, life's so much cheaper. No council tax, affordable council run gyms (didn't we used to have those in England? What happened to them?), no tax on alcohol, reasonable rents for half decent accomodation, sunshine, affordable transport...the list goes on. Just took me a while to settle that's all.

OK well that's it, hope you like my site do mail me & let me know what you think :)


I'm now (6th April 2001) playing bass in an indie rock/pop band headed by an Argentinian guy called Diego on guitar & vocals and a Catalan drummer (Joaquin). Quite an international mix then. Click to see photos & read about us.

Am a bit disillusioned with teaching at the moment finding the whole thing somewhat stale. I guess it goes like that. But too focused on the music to really put the time into fixing the problems with the teaching. Maybe some of you could suggest some inspiration? (I especially need GAMES)  

Update - 20th October 2001

Band now expanded to a four piece with addition of proper bass player enabling me to move to second guitar. Due to audition a keyboard player as well & we are thinking of looking for a female backing vocalist. Things moving very fast now, demo recorded, copies being made, covers being designed, concerts coming up in the new year. Very happy.

Work wise have moved back to Santa Coloma but as pop stardom beckons am not concerned. Ciao.

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