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The idea for this site came about while I was studying Linguistics & TEFL at university. I was increasingly frustrated by traditionalist approaches to language teaching that seemed to me to be staid, boring, inefficient & in many respects counter productive. Determined to find alternatives I was overjoyed to discover Suggestopedia, Accelerated Learning & other like minded individuals who were experimenting with different ideas.

I immediately set about refocusing my energy & my ideas in order to incorporate these concepts into my own teaching & into my various projects. The results proved to be very satisfactory & I decided that it would be a good idea to put them up on the web. Unfortunately I was about to finish my degree & lose access to the necessary technology. Onto the back burner.

On leaving university I started teaching in my first summer school, a wonderful experience that I heartily recommend to one & all, but at times insanely hectic with just NO time for planning & preparation. At which point I realised that what teachers really need from the web is pre-planned lessons that are easily accessible & download FAST. OK, all the other stuff that's out there can be real interesting & well worth a perusal when you have the time but when you've got 10 minutes before your next class & NO clue what to do you need A LESSON!

So I figured I could maybe cater to this need a little & yet do so from the AL perspective. Of course the result (nearly a year in the making - don't ask why, long story!) isn't quite what I had initially envisaged & surely other sites offer more in the way of tons of lessons fast (see my links page) but nonetheless there are some really great lessons here & furthermore the ideas behind them can be learnt & utilised over & over again.

As you can no doubt tell I have tried to use as few graphics as possible to speed up download times & in recognition of the fact that in my experience teachers want something useful, quickly.

This site recognises the gender neutral pronoun set: 


for the 3rd person singular in analogy to the 3rd person plural forms. However please bear with me as I am, as yet, far from used to using them. As such do feel free to point out any discrepancies. 

Finally, as you can no doubt tell, the counters, email form, announcer form, mailing list, Free For All links page, poll, & affiliate program all came FREE from Bravenet & YOU can get them FREE as well. Simply click through the button below & join up. Now, when you do you help pay the bills at :-)


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Home  Site Info  Lesson Plans  Glossary  Article  Links  PERL  Meet the Author  Barcelona Tips  Chat  Message Board  Contact Me

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