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Violence in Movies

Level: Intermediate & above.

Timing: Approx. 1hr and 30 mins but could easily be expanded or reduced.

Mats: 1 copy of Ladybird Ladybird photo, 1 copy of Pulp Fiction photos, X copies of article. X copies of handout.

Aim: To show Ss that they can access & respond to authentic texts.

Procedure: Stage One

T: Show the Ss the Ladybird Ladybird photo. Ask them:

What's happening? What's going to happen next? Where's this taking place? Where/what's this taken from?

Note:You're looking to draw out the idea that from the photo alone it's hard to tell if this is a real photo of a real incident or a shot from a movie or TV drama. After a short discussion you can tell them that it's taken frmo a movie where the violence is very "realistic".

T: Now show them the Pulp Fiction photos. Ask them:

Where/what are these photos taken from?

Note: Hopefully you're Ss will recognise these photos from the movie but even if they don't they should still be able to guess that they're movie shots that differ greatly from the previous photo. Here your looking to draw out the notion of "stylised" movie violence & Hollywood glamour.

T: Ask if they react differently to different types of screen violence. Which type of movie do they prefer? Why? Do they like/not like violent movies?

Add questions as appropriate - let the talk flow freely for a few minutes if the Ss so desire.

Stage Two:

Breathing Exercise - (derived from Schuster and Gritton, 1986) Instruct Ss how to do the following exercise:

Breathe for 10 in/out cycles of nose breathing. Close your eyes while doing so & think only of your breathing. Let all other thoughts float out of your mind. Let your breathing happen naturally without forcing it to go slow or to go quick. Just let it be. After ten cycles come back to the classroom. (a cycle is 1 breathe in & 1 breathe out). 

Ss read article alone then answer the questions on the handout in pairs.

Stage Three

Ss given opportunity to ask about any vocab or grammar they donīt understand.


So what did you think? How did it go? Let me & others know at the Efl Alt Message Board!


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